Competitors: Install the App

Installing the App

To begin, you will need to install the free RodeoReady App on your iPhone or iPad.  (see below for Android) Go to the Apple Store.  Either tap on the App Store icon on your device and search for “RodeoReady” or use this link: . When you first load the App, you will use your Apple ID to sign into the App by tapping the Sign in with Apple button. We recommend that you allow RodeoReady to use your location by tapping Allow While Using App and Allow RodeoReady to send you notifications.

Android Phone Users

For Android Phone users, our RodeoReady App for Android is in final development and testing. We will have the App available soon. In the interim, we have created a set of web pages for your use and procedures to share information with your Organization Admin to help you join an organization as a member, enter Competitions, and view Competition schedules, draws, results, etc. We will post the link [here] shortly. When the RodeoReady App for Android is available we will post the link to Google Play here as well.

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