Competitors: Entering Competitions

Entering a Rodeo Competition

Tap the Competitions icon. Your initial view will be a map view with your location in the center. Any upcoming rodeo Competitions will be displayed on the map. To see Competitions in list format, tap the magnifying glass icon.  Tap a Competition to view the Schedule. Tap the Register button then select events within the Competition you wish to enter. For team events, tap the Role button to select which of the team roles you are entering.

Tap the Register button bottom right when you are done making selections. The display will show a fee summary based on your selections. Tap Register & Pay and complete the payment process. If you have entered a team event, in order to be matched on the same team as your team partner, either you will need to share the team code with them, or, they will need to share the code with you.  If you have received a code, enter it now. If you have not received a code, then tap No Code to generate a new team code. Share this code with your team partner.

To register other people from your Profile, that is, other people whom you manage their account, after you tap on the Register button at the top, tap on the button next to Register As. Initially this will have your own name selected. when you tap, the list of all people within your Profile will appear. Tap on the person, select their event(s) then tap Register at the bottom to complete the Competition entry and payment. Note that the screen will indicate Registering As:. This payment will be charged to your payment card.

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