Advanced: Managing Member Information

As an Admin for your Organization, you can manage certain pieces of information regarding your members. From the main Administration screen, tap the Members tab at the bottom of the screen. This will display a list of your members.

Tap any member to access the edit screen. Information which you can edit includes:

  • Member Number
  • Member Type
  • Division
  • Class
  • Status
  • Waiver Signed
  • Draw Priority
  • Notes

The Member Number is automatically generated by the RodeoReady App when a new member is created. You can tap to edit if you need to change. Member Type, Division and Class can all be changed by taping on the button and making a selection. Status will default to Active but can be changed to Suspended. A suspended Member will not be able to enter a new Competition. Tap Save to save any changes you have made.

Waiver Signed is a date field you can edit as needed. Draw Priority defaults to 0 when the new member is created and can be increased or decreased using the – / + buttons. There is no upper limit. This setting is used by the Draw Generation process for Organizations that use Entry Groups and Draw Preferences (as discussed in those chapters). Tap Save to save any changes you have made.

The remaining member information (email, phone, gender, birthdate, shirt size, jacket size) is shown for convenience only and is managed by the Member within their own Member login.

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