Admin User Guide

This is the table of contents for our Admin User Guide for the RodeoReady App. Use the button immediately below to load the Playlist of the user guide videos or use the table of contents below to read the specific article or watch the specific video (as they become available we will post the link) for that Topic.

At the end of each articles are links to the previous and next chapters in the User Guide. These are helpful especially for early users of the app as they follow the logical sequence of installing the App, initial setup and then adjusting for your specific needs.

IntroductionWatch Video 1.0
Setup WizardWatch Video 2.0
Additional Setup
Continuing SetupWatch Video 3.0
Continuing Setup: DivisionsWatch Video 3.1
Continuing Setup: Member TypesWatch Video 3.2
Continuing Setup: EventsWatch Video 3.3
Continuing Setup: Team RolesWatch Video 3.4
Continuing Setup: FeesWatch Video 3.5
Continuing Setup: StockWatch Video 3.6
Continuing Setup: PointsWatch Video 3.7
Continuing Setup: PayoutsWatch Video 3.8
Continuing Setup: AdministratorsWatch Video 3.9
Creating a CompetitionWatch Video 4.0
Competition: DetailsWatch Video 4.1
Competition: EventsWatch Video 4.2
Competition: PerformancesWatch Video 4.3
Competition: Manually Adding CompetitorsWatch Video 4.4
Managing Android Phone Users (Interim)
Competition: StockWatch Video 4.5
Competition: Reviewing CompetitorsWatch Video 4.6
Competition: DrawsWatch Video 4.7
Competition: PayoutsWatch Video 4.8
Competition: Duplicate a CompetitionWatch Video 4.9
Live Competition
Live Competition: Selecting the EventWatch Video 5.1
Live Competition: Entering ScoresWatch Video 5.2
Live Competition: Payout ReportWatch Video 5.3
Live Competition: Season StandingsWatch Video 5.4

Advanced Topics

Advanced: New Event and FeeWatch Video 6.1
Advanced: New Division, Member Type and FeeWatch Video 6.2
Advanced: Setting Two Payout ConfigurationsWatch Video 6.3
Advanced: Ground Money Payout ConfigurationsWatch Video 6.4
Advanced: Splitting Money Between Gos and AverageWatch Video 6.5
Advanced: 2 Go Rodeo DrawWatch Video 6.6
Advanced: 3 Go plus Average DrawWatch Video 6.7
Advanced: Multiple Performances DrawWatch Video 6.8
Advanced: Managing Member InformationWatch Video 6.9

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