Admin: Live Competitions: Entering Scores

Entering Scores/Times. To enter a score / time, click on the Competitor or team and enter the score / time then tap Save.  Note that this display remains in draw order display even after scores have been entered. If there was no score or time recorded, tap NO TIME then Confirm.

Once all the scores / times have been entered, you can tap the Finalize Results and the App will calculate the payouts and points will be awarded according to the Payout Configuration Settings and Points Configuration Settings. Scroll down past the draw display and scores, you will find the Final Results section which will display the payout results in order by highest to lowest $’s won.

If you have already Finalized, then corrected a score, you can Re-Finalize by tapping the Finalize Results button again. This will recalculate winning and re-distribute the points.

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