Admin: Creating a Competition: Events

Events initially is a blank list.  Tap + Add Events to bring up the list of all Events. You will first need to add at least one Round by tapping the + Add Round button.  Name the Round, such as “Saturday”, “Round 1”, “Primary”, “Long”, etc. and indicate how many Gos are in the round, then tap OK.  For this example we will set up the very simplest of draw formats, one Go, one Performance. (note: there will be further discussion and step by step instruction on setting up other draw formats in later chapters within the Advanced Topics section).  In our Example, we will enter “Saturday” and the number of Gos as 1. In this simple draw format, there are no additional settings required.

Tap OK to continue to the Event selections.  Select your Events by tapping on each event to be included in the Competition.  If you will be including all your events, simply tap the Select All button, then Save and OK to confirm. Save again to save your event settings, or simply tap the next tab, Performances, and your Events data will automatically be saved.

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