Admin: Continuing Setup: Member Types

Member Types are used to classify your Competitors into groups for reporting and to identify any special treatment of the Competitors.  For any of the Member Types that your Organization will not require, but were set up during the Wizard, you can delete using the standard Apple method of swiping on the row from right to left then confirming the Delete operation.

When a new member joins your organization, they will be required to select a Member Type.

To setup a new Member Type, tap the + icon then enter the Name and Description of the Member Type.  Descriptions are typically used to help new members select the appropriate Type, such as including the age range for the Type. In most cases you will also associate the member type with a Division. A Member Type marked as Public (default) is available to new membership applications. Along with a Member Type, you will need to set up a corresponding Fee, which will be charged when a Competitor registers or renews a membership with your Organization.

If you have set up a Division which is ineligible for Season standings (Permit) you will likely want to limit the number of Competitions they are allowed to enter by setting the number in Max. Competitions. Tap Save when finished.

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