Chasing the Clock

6 Ways RodeoReady software save you time.

Before, during and after a rodeo, it seems like rodeo secretaries are always chasing the clock, chasing the calendar, just trying to catch up. RodeoReady software saves you time so you are not always in a mad scramble to get ready or get it done. Our users estimate that our software saves them 15 to 20 hours per rodeo. Here are 6 ways RodeoReady saves you time.

Online Entries

Online entries simply mean that there is no need for the rodeo admin to touch the entry. There is no need to have someone sitting by a phone, waiting for it to ring, or having calls getting backed up, as dozens of members try to enter all at once. Instead of waiting for the phone to ring, or typing in entries, you can get the rest of your work done.

Online Payments

An obvious extension of online entries. When payments are made online through our integrated payments platform, that’s it, done. Automatically tracked and updated in the database.

Rodeo Day Reports & Tools

Our rodeo day reports can all be generated to a PDF file. That file can be printed, or emailed to others who need it as well. Reports such as day sheets, popular among spectators, are available from the rodeo schedule for the public to download so no need to send out via individual emails.

Draw Notification and Results Notification

Perhaps the two annoyance avoiders are Draw Notification and Results Notification emails. When the rodeo draw or rodeo results are ready to be shown to the public, click a button and an email goes out to all members entered with a link to the draw or results page for the rodeo. Your members will learn quickly that they will be the first to know when these are available. The barrage of annoying phone calls and texts will go away quickly.

Results Calculations

Throw away the spreadsheets! In our software, when you submit the scores/times for each event, we apply your payout formulas to calculate winnings and points. Payout settings can be based on number of entrants, number of scores, net prize purse value, or combinations.

Standings Update

When we first began work with our first rodeo association to build our software, the office manager told us that she reserved Fridays following each rodeo for updating the standings. Fridays! The entire day. We knew we could do better. Now, just mark the completed rodeo as “official” and that rodeos results are instantly included in the season standings. We know you have better things to do with your Fridays now.

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