Two Rodeos, One Weekend, Three Options

For many rodeo organizations, a rodeo weekend includes two rodeos. We will simply refer to the them below as Saturday and Sunday. Within the Rodeo Management System, there are three set up options which may be helpful to handle this easier.

Option 1, Two Standard Rodeos

The simplest option is often the best, simply setting up two separate rodeos (a Saturday Rodeo and a Sunday Rodeo) and managing each individually. In your rodeo schedule you will have two separate rodeos with their own independent settings. Your competitors will enter and pay for each rodeo separately. You will run a separate draw, enter scores and times for each, and calculate payouts and points results separately.

A major advantage to this option is the very distinct separation of the two rodeos, Saturday is Saturday and Sunday is Sunday.

Option 2, Paired Rodeos

Using the paired rodeo option, a competitor can enter and pay for both rodeo in one transaction, but results are kept separately for each rodeo. To begin, set up both rodeos as individual rodeos, with dates, events, etc. as per normal. After both are set up, edit the first rodeo of the weekend and look for the option named: “Pair rodeo entry with another rodeo” and select the second rodeo of the weekend from the drop down. Only rodeos with a future start date will appear in the drop down list. Note: you do not need to edit the second rodeo as the pairing relationship is set in the first rodeo.

Once your paired rodeos are connected, the entry form will display a pair of check boxes for each event. One for Rodeo 1 and one for Rodeo 2. By default, both are checked. In order to enter an event, the competitor will still need to check the box to the left of the event. They can then uncheck the box for Rodeo 1 or Rodeo 2 if they will not be participating in that event in that rodeo. When their entry is submitted, entries will be saved and fees will be calculated separately for each rodeo, with the combined total available to be paid. Payment processing will save the payment amounts separately for each rodeo.

Option 3, 2 Go PerGo

To turn on the PerGo option when setting up a rodeo, check the box for “Per Go Entry Selections”. This is really one rodeo, with a 2 Go draw format, but competitors, at time of entry, can choose to participate in only one of the Gos on the entry form. Similar to the paired rodeo option above, to the right of each event will a pair of check boxes for Go 1 and Go 2. By default, both are selected. Unchecking a Go box will remove the competitor from being included in that event, in that Go.

The main difference that occurs when the Per Go setting is applied is that entry fees are charged Per Go along with other associated fees at time of entry. If the entry fee is $50 and the competitor has both Go 1 and Go 2 selected, their entry fees will total $100 for the event. In the same way, they will be charged separately for each Go for Admin Fees, such as Arena Fees, Secretary Fees, etc. Similar to a paired rodeo, the results, payouts, points awarded are calculated per Go.

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