Can I Change a Rodeo Draw?

Once you have generated the draw for a rodeo, you still have multiple ways to make changes. This includes completely re-generating the draw which will re-randomize all event run orders, to making minor changes such as swapping the run order of two competitors. If you have already made the draw available to the public side, any changes to the draw will immediately be reflected on the public side. Also see the Chapter 7 – Generating Draws video below.

Re-Generate my Rodeo Draw

To re-generate your rodeo draw, you simply follow the same procedure you used when you first generated the draw. Often if you are re-generating a draw it is because something has been changed, most like new competitors have been added, or competitors have been removed. In this case, it is important to select the checkbox to re-initialize the draw. The draw initialization will result in performance assignments and run orders being discarded. Group priorities, if set previously, will be maintained.

Manually Changing a Rodeo Draw

Not all changes require a complete re-generation of your rodeo draw. If you have a need to change a draw in a single event, or perhaps move a competitor from Performance 1 to Performance 2, then you are much better suited to use the options in Rodeo Setup – Assign Entrants and Stock. This tool is considered the “master edit” tool for your rodeo after you have run a draw. Use this tool to change the run order or performance assignment, using the drop down selections. In a multi-go rodeo format, make sure you are working with the proper Go. When using the drop down selections, you can make changes to specific competitors.

Shuffle Draw, one Event

If you need to re-run the draw for only one event, use this same tool, Rodeo Setup – Assign Entrants and Stock, and select the appropriate Shuffle setting located above the display table of all the competitors. For a Standard draw format rodeo, you will be able to select any of the Performances to shuffle the run order for that specific performance. For a Multi-Go rodeo, you can choose to shuffle the run order for that specific go. Note: this will only affect the Performance or Go for the currently selected event.

Moving a Batch of Competitors

Below the table of competitors for this rodeo event are two additional management options for moving a batch of competitors as a group.

Move all non-assigned entries: This option will take all the entries in this event that have NOT been assigned a run order in the draw and move them into the performance you specify (such as a Slack). It will then re-randomize the draw order for this performance (this event only). The option you choose will either re-randomize ALL the entrants into a new draw order or only the Unassigned entrants, adding them to the end of the current draw run order. Note: This function is intended for use after a draw has already been generated for a rodeo to place entries that were either not assigned during the draw process due to entry group preferences, priorities and performance maximums or entries that have been added since the original draw generation.

Move all entries to the same Performance: This option moves all entries in this event, including any unassigned entries, to the same performance, such as moving all entries to a Slack Performance.

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