What if your Phone was the Rodeo Program?

It’s a few days before the rodeo. After a series of changes, you have the draw finalized and the official rodeo draw is now posted. Judges Sheets are all generated. All your staff are lined up and the weather looks good for the weekend. Just the Rodeo Program to get printed, picked up and sent off to the rodeo secretary for the show. Just one question remains, should we print 1500 copies of the program or 2000? Last weekend we ran out. The weekend before we had 350 leftover. Print too many and waste money. Print too few and we lose program sales. Spectators love the show. They also love to follow along in the program and your sponsors and advertisers want their space in your program.

The Phone Replaces the Program

What if the Rodeo Program did not need to be printed? What if your phone was the Rodeo Program? What would this save you? What time would this save you? What convenience would this mean to your rodeo spectators?

Some of these answers are obvious. Clearly it would save you all your lost dollars for every program that goes unsold and it would save you hours and hours each and every rodeo not having to assemble, organize, print and deliver the programs to the rodeo grounds. But the major gain is in the convenience to your spectators. Everyone already has their phone in their hands. Why not guarantee that they also have the program in their hands, in a mobile app, on their phone. Draws, competitor profiles, standings, draws, all in the palm of their hand, all with a quick click to instant information.

The Future of Tradition

The new ground-breaking RodeoReady App is nearing the final stages of development and we expect to launch it to the rodeo market in the 4th quarter of 2022, a few months ahead of schedule. While our current software products are mobile-friendly, the future product, the Future of Tradition, is mobile-based. That is, rather than just being usable on a mobile phone, this new technology platform will be designed from the ground up for use on a mobile phone. We will have more information to share with you as launch date approaches.

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