My Account is not Working: How to Reset

Because our software is cloud-based it works slightly differently. When you login as an Admin, you create a session. The session generally last for 60 minutes since your last activity. The session “remembers” your login credentials for this same 60 minutes. If the 60 minutes passes, the session times out and the login credentials are erased. But you don’t need to completely exit and re-login.

The Master Reset

When your session expires due to lack of activity you can quickly restore the login credentials by clicking the Dashboard link. There are two Dashboard links and both will restore your login. One the main menu, the first menu option is Dashboard. Just click to restore. Just below the main menu, on most Admin pages, is a blue button titled Dashboard. Just click to restore. This master reset method works with all our software, Rodeo Management System, Barrel Racing System, Team Roping System.

24 Hour Cookies

This functionality is available to Admin users for a period of 24 hours. We also use a standard internet feature called browser cookies. This works similar to the session we described above, but remembers your login details for a longer period. As long as you do not explicitly logout of your admin session, when you return to your admin account after a few hours, the Dashboard button/link will get you back into your account.

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