We Have 5 Age Groups, Can Your Rodeo Software Handle Us?

The short answer is yes. Let us explain.

Age Groups, Divisions, Classes

Keeping your data and reports organized is a key feature of our rodeo management software products. We have a large number of accounts for Junior Rodeo Associations, Youth Rodeo Associations and High School Rodeo Associations. In all of these, there is a need to split reports such as rodeo results, rodeo all around, season event standings and season all around standings in some way, or combination. For High School Rodeo Associations, there is a split between Junior High and High School, with each split again between Boys and Girls. In Youth and Junior Rodeo Associations we often see multiple age groups such as Pee Wee, Wrangler, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Often these age groups are also split by Boys and Girls, but not always. Sometimes the youngest age groups are not split but the older groups are. We have a number of variables we can use within our system to create a reporting structure to handle all of this, or even to handle a geographic split such as North and South Divisions. Chances are, we have already handled age groups and divisions similar to your reporting needs.

Amateur and Pro Rodeo Divisions

Reporting for Amateur Rodeo Associations and Pro Rodeo Associations often has similar requirements. There can be different classes of memberships, such as Open, Junior, Masters and these are split by Cowboys and Cowgirls. In addition to these reporting requirements, there might be a specific series of rodeos, sometimes a sponsored “tour”. Yep, we’ve managed to handle that as well. Again, chances are, if you have some unique reporting requirements, we’ve likely done something similar.

Rookie Rodeo Standings

Some associations have Rookie Season Standings. These might be across age divisions or there might be a rookie of the year for each age division. We have seen both, we have handled both.

Need Age Groups / Divisions Reporting?

We think we are quite good at handling these various reporting requests. If you have questions about how we can handle your rodeo association age group reporting requirements, just contact us and we will be happy to answer.

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