New Trend in Managing Barrel Racing – Advance Entry

There is a new trend emerging in the management of Barrel Racing shows and races and we are happy to be pushing it along. More and more Barrel Racing Associations and Producers are moving towards advance entries and payment in the management of their organization.

The Barrel Racing Line Up

As a software provider to the rodeo industry, RodeoReady is always looking for ways to help make the burden of managing Rodeo, Barrel Racing, and Team Roping easy for the organizers. With our Barrel Racing System, we are helping to move Barrel Racing organizations towards online entry and advance payment by competitors. If you are a Barrel Racer, then you know the amount of time you have spent in the line up, waiting to submit and pay for your entries, as you show up to the arena and see a line up of trailers and a line up of rider more than 100 deep. Once you have paid, now you have to wait for everyone else to enter and pay, and then wait again for the draw to be posted.

A Better Way to Manage Barrel Racing Entries and Payment

We think it’s simple, handle it all online, days before the show. This means taking entries online and accepting payment online. There are many advantages for competitors and organizers.

Barrel Racing Organization Advantages

First, for the organizers, you have the time you need to get everything in place. You are not racing against the clock to get everything processed, before, during, and after the race. Online entries and payment give you ability to prepare, to have your entry count, by race, known ahead of time, and to produce a draw for your competitors, in advance. Then on Show Date, just run the events.

Barrel Racing Competitor Advantages

For the competitors, the advantages are clearly easy to see. No line ups to stand in, no need to carry a bundle of entry cash, knowing the draw before you arrive, and having it all with the convenience of online. For the competitor, they just access the organization website (using the Barrel Racing System) and choose the Show, then submit their entries, and pay online. The organization will post a draw in advance. Done. No lineup. No hassle. Just convenience. This can all be done from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Barrel Racing System

The Barrel Racing System is free to use for Associations and Producers and can manage their Shows, members, and season. A Free Unlimited account can be set up at and everything is cloud-based, there is nothing to download and you can begin using the system in less than 5 minutes. You can read more about our integrated online payment system.

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