Online Payments for Rodeo Entry

As of May 1st, 2022, Rodeo Ready has integrated the Stripe payments platform into our industry-leading rodeo software products.  Using our payments platform, rodeo association members can conveniently and securely pay for rodeo entry, memberships, and other associated fees and charges.  The primary benefits to using online payments include:

  1. 100% of entry fees to your association.
  2. Convenience for your members.  When members enter online, with just a few more clicks, they can take care of their payments as well.  Member can choose to pay only for themselves or their entire entry group at once.  For a family, this is one transaction and they are done.  Then there is no need to go through the hassle of making payment through some other means, such as phoning with a CC number, sending a check, or standing in line to pay at the rodeo.
  3. Convenience for you.  When a payment is made online, the database is immediately updated with the payment details.  The member is marked paid, a payment notification is sent.  Done.
  4. Security for members and associations.  Credit card payment information is stored securely in the Stripe payments system, not in the association or Rodeo Ready systems so security is world class.
  5. Rodeo Ready covers the credit card processing fees.

How to get Started

If you are a new account to RodeoReady, you will just need to add your banking account information to the Stripe Connected Account (from within our platform). It’s about a 5 minute process and you are set up to have your rodeos accept online payments.

If you are a long-time account using Rodeo Management System, just let us know you are ready to use the Stripe online payment platform and we get all the proper settings and information is available in your account.  Then you just follow the link we provide to set up your Connected account, including adding your bank account information, so we can set up transfers from the payments. 

Once you have completed the set up, we do a quick account link in our backend and you are all set.

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